We Believe in Local Food 

Our farm is located right here in Bloomington, IN which means your food on average travels less than 10 miles from where it was grown.

Why We Farm


The decision to pursue farming as a career was driven by our desire to prioritize family and create a lifestyle that allowed us to be together. By embracing farming, we could cultivate a deep connection to the land while working alongside loved ones, fostering a sense of unity and purpose. This choice not only offered a sustainable livelihood but also strengthened family bonds through shared experiences and a shared commitment to nurturing both the land and our relationships.


What we consume matters. How we move our bodies matter. The environment that we spend our time in matters. We chose to farm not only to have a holistic and healthy lifestyle for us and our family, but to provide more opportunities for our neighbors and community to pursue this same passion of personal wellness and collective responsibility. 


We chose to farm as a means to connect with and support our local community on a deeper level. By cultivating and sharing our harvest, we create a direct link between the land and our neighbors, fostering relationships built on trust and sustainability. Through our farming efforts, we aim to provide fresh, locally grown produce while also contributing to the vibrancy and resilience of our community.

How We Farm

The absolute best way to learn about your food is to talk with the farmers and walk the farm. To the extent you cannot make it out for a tour, here are a few aspects to how we farm that are important to us.
  • The Soil should be as biologically active and fertile as possible. We have diverse crop rotations, utilize minimal tilling, and work with primarily hand tools to help promote this.
  • The Crops should be of upmost quality. Through maintaining healthy soil, our produce will be exceptionally nutrient dense. We also strive to ensure that are produce is clean and presented as beautifully as we can.
  • The Land should be well steward and shared with our community. We desire not only to improve the health and beauty of our land, but also to share this land with our community so that they can connect their hands and hearts to where their food is grown.

What We Farm

Our farm grows a range of seasonal produce including leafy greens, bunching greens, root crops, fruiting crops, and fresh cut flower bouquets. For a list of all of our current offerings, click on the button below!
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